Today’s blog entry was created to help you when you get a multi-bit unrecoverable ecc error in a blackout error message.

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    If two dual in-line memory modules (DIMMs) are installed on an IBM System x3200 M3 system, an unrecoverable Error Correction Code (ECC) error may occur. This bug is not uniform.

    uncorrectable multiple-bit ecc error in dimm













    How do I fix uncorrectable memory error?

    Possible solutions. Most correctable and uncorrectable memory errors can be corrected with a BIOS update. See the server BIOS release notes for solutions. Run Insight Diagnostics and replace any failed parts.



    What causes DIMM failure?

    Recommendations for replacing DIMMs DIMM fails memory test during BIOS due to Uncorrectable Memory Errors (UCE). ECUs arise and investigate actions whose errors are associated with memory.





    Troubleshooting DIMMs

    This is the description. Describes how to identify and troubleshoot dual in-line memory modules (DIMMs) on a server. It includes our following sections:

  • DIMM replacement recommendations
  • How the system handles DIMM errors
  • Additional DIMM ECC isolation and error correction

  • Note. Refer to the repair manual or service tag of the entire system being serviced for DIMM population guidelines.

    DIMM Replacement Recommendations

    uncorrectable multiple-bit ecc error in dimm

    Replace the DIMM in any of the following cases:

  • DIMM cannot learn tests in BIOS due to uncorrectable memory errors (UCE).
  • UCEs happen, and research shows dilemmas come from memory.Name=”50556951_pgfId-1006992″>
  • More than 24 correctable errors (CEs) from a single DIMM in 24 hours, and no other DIMMs use more CEs.

  • Note. If multiple DIMMs being processed have multiple CEs, a qualified Sun support representative should rule out other possible causes of the CE before replacing the DIMMs.


    Keep a copy of the fire safety logs that list Sun-related memory errors for review before contacting Sun.

    How The System Handles DIMM Errors

  • Fatal DIMM errors
  • Recoverable DIMM errors
  • DIMM error indicators
  • Fatal DIMM Errors

    The behavior of a fatal error (UCE) is the same for operating systems:

    1. When a UCE occurs, the memory causes the controller to restart the system immediately.

    2. While the computer is running, the BIOS checks the computer’s check registers and detects that the previous reset was caused by the ECU.

    A fatal ECC error is displayed in the system event log (SEL) of the auxiliary processor as follows:

    Fix DIMM Errors Name=”50556951_pgfId-1007111″>

    If a DIMM has 24 or more Correctable Problems (CE) within 24 hours, it is considered defective and should be replaced.

    Detected by CE, you can see the SEL and Error LEDs are on after 24 actual single bit errors detected in 24 hours. They will be reported or handled on supported systems running as follows:

  • Windows Server:
  • c. Show times of simple errors) (to see information from error.Name=”50556951_pgfId-1007118″>

  • Solaris:
  • Solaris FMA sometimes reports and locks memory with error correctable error correction code (ECC). Refer to your Solaris for documentation details.

    DIMM Name=”50556951_91945″> Error Indicators

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  • When you press the Remind button on the motherboard (or the memory tray option for x4450), the LEDs associated with the DIMMs follow and the system has detected twenty-four or more CEs per the specified 24-hour period on that DIMM.

  • DIMM error light off: DIMM is working properly.
  • DIMM Error LED Blinking (Amber): At least one of the DIMMs in this awesome DIMM pair reported 24 in CES or good EU in 24 hours (fatal error) . .
  • FIG. 2-1 and FIG. Figure 2-2 shows a typical layout of LEDs on a motherboard.

    Fix DIMM ECC Isolation And Errors

    What is uncorrectable ECC?

    “ECC uncorrectable” means there were enough small bit errors in the sector that ECC could only detect a small number of bad bits, but couldn’t tell which ones (because if your company knows which ones are wrong, change them and get the correct answer). This is an error that can be reported to the host and could mean loss of data.

    If your main log files report an Error Correction Code (ECC) error or any problem with the DIMM, follow these steps until until you can get to the bug.

    In this specific example, the log file reports a serious DIMM error in D0. The on.DIMM D0 error LED lights up.

    1. If you haven’t already, return the server to standby and remove the cover.

    2. Verify that these are installed DIMMs to ensure that they comply with the DIMM number rules listed on your product manual website.

    3. Press the reminder button to view the DIMM failure indicators. See FIGURE 2-1 and FIGURE 2-2.

    For CE and ECU, a flashing LED indicates which DIMM has a full error.

    A warning. Attach an anti-static wrist strap to chassis ground (any unpainted stainless steel surface) before checking components. Motherboards and hard drives contain components that are extremely sensitive to static electricity.

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