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    Here are some easy ways to fix /sitemap.xml error in Prestashop.

    Have you restored your current htaccess? .htaccess is a musical configuration file used by Apache web servers in your precious root folder that can manage redirects, protect folders, not to mention change aspects of your URL, among other things. You can often resolve 404 requests by editing the this. .You can .manually just delete the ..htaccess file via your .ftp and recreate it by going to your back office/advance settings/performance. Sometimes simply toggling the “Search for friendly URLs” setting can fix the problem by causing the .htaccess file to be re-created. First aid is a must!

    No, I haven’t. But I checked and there are no rules in the .htaccess file blocking my sitemap.xml file.

    The problem is that my sitemap.xml file appears as an empty file in the root directory and/or I created it manually because of the data and want to add it to the server. I wonder why Google said 404 error, as if the file is there, but nothing is correct. I’m new to Prestashop, so I usually know if sending a good sitemap via FTP has a limiting effect on the site.Compared to creating it with just one plugin.

    I’ve built websites before and I know how to create a trusted sitemap.xml file, that’s not a problem, but I want to know when it’s time to send the sitemap to my computer via ftp.

    Sorry I wasn’t easier on the first post, I looked like I was at work and had :)< /p> around the same time

    You have .regenerated your .htaccess . ? ..htaccess is a theme file used by Apache web servers after your root folder, which can manage redirects, secure folders, and change aspects of the URL, among other things. You can often resolve 404 issues using this. .You can .delete ..htaccess files one by one via .ftp and .restore this method by going to your back office/Advanced settings/Performance. Sometimes just switching the approach for a friendly URL can help by forcing a regen based on the .htaccess file. First make sure you have time to make a backup!

    error in /sitemap.xml en prestashop

    I’m asking for help with a fantastic, well-known problem that seems to lack the benefit of a solution.

    Pr When creating sitemap.xml I get a severe 404 error on Prestashop’s default URL page (the one you get during installation).

    The sitemap.xml file is not complete, there are probably only past products, not all newly added products.

    Is it related to rebuilding the index? Why am I getting a 404 error and the sitemap is not complete?

    For some time since that day, I’ve been having problems generating the sitemap, which was causing the sitemap to take a long time to generate, resulting in a blank screen and no global sitemap root.

    I got the gsitemap version 2.2.11 to see if that actually solved the problem. If it just didn’t change, now I get the error:

    [PrestaShop] Fatal error in DbPDO module: Out of memory (allocated 56623104) (trying to allocate 20 bytes)

    Two sitemaps were created with the names: 1_en_0_sitemap.xml 1_fr_0_sitemap.xml, while I have 3 active languages ​​EN, FR, NL, one 1_index_sitemap.xml was never created.


    Hi everyone

    I was able to do this in the Backoffice/Configure Item Overview modules. I then pasted the sitemap URL into the Google Webmaster Tools sitemap prompt. It returns the following error:

    General HTTP Error: 404 Not Encounter A specific error occurred while trying to access your sitemap. Verify that your XML sitemap complies with these guidelines and is accessible from the location you specified, then submit it again. What have I forgotten or misunderstood?

    What is it please? Is there anything else or should I have done?

    I read an old post about the “robots.txt file”. [/b]Is this something to attract him?

    Congratulations to all

    Tropical Bloodworm

    Is the software submitted to Google good (trial and error in your browser)?

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  • hippooflove

    Thank you

    I asked Google to review the content, so I think it’s ok. I must have done something wrong.

    error in /sitemap.xml en prestashop

    Because it displays a 404 code, I understand that the page was definitely not found. You can find the back office of this sitemap series during…….. It doesn’t matter there.

    Should I add something interesting to my files in cpanel.



    Tropical Bloodworm

    Resolve Common PC Errors

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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Launch the application and sign in with your account credentials
  • Step 3: Choose the computers you want to scan and start the restoration process

  • What do you get when customers copy and paste the found URL from your company administrator into the Personen-Will browser?


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  • glennlawre

    This post has been marked as resolved, but I don’t see a solution!

    Anyway, I had the same problem submitting a sitemap to Google. The problem for me was that I didn’t create a robots.txt file. In PrestaShop BO go to “Tools – Generators” and click “Create robots.txt file” at the bottom of the page.

    Then, while still in BO, go to “Modules – SEO – Google Sitemap” and customize it to create a great sitemap. Can you provide the sitemap.xml file to Google.

    Hope this helps others…

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