Over the past few weeks, some of our readers have reported experiencing blackberry Troubleshooter.

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    black berry troubleshooting

    Your BlackBerry won’t turn on right away, even when the light is on.

    If your BlackBerry won’t turn on, there may be a problem with the charger and it needs to be replaced.

    • Plug your BlackBerry into another charger (we know it works):
      • Turn on your BlackBerry 7100g. If this works, the old charger is the problem and should be replaced with a paired one. If it does not turn on, there is no doubt that the problem may be in the battery.

    Why did my BlackBerry shut down?

    BlackBerry, under CEO John Chen, announced in 2016 that it would stop developing core hardware to focus solely on software, services, and cybersecurity. BlackBerry Wearing 2017 promised at least two more years of support for BlackBerry 10 devices.

    If your BlackBerry still won’t turn on after changing the voltage from 12 volts, you may have an attack problem. The battery may not be charged or overcharged. If someone leaves your BlackBerry on when it’s fully charged, or charges it too often, it can shorten battery life.

    Do BlackBerry phones still work?

    What BlackBerry services have been interrupted? Service termination applies to devices running BlackBerry OS 7.1 and earlier, BlackBerry 10 Software, and BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.1 and earlier upon request. Support for these devices ended on January 4th.

    Note. Before you throw away the old new drama and buy a new one, unplug it first. Here are a number of guides to help you tell the difference when troubleshooting your battery:

  • Charge the battery first.
  • Enable this BlackBerry. If it is, believingthat’s not right, include this:
    1. Removing the battery from my BlackBerry.